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Greetings form executives and staffs.

Insopack.Co.,Ltd is company where they value the people.

Now we are living world of competition, where the concept of lifetime employment is diminishing.
Insopack. Co.,Ltd provides equal opportunity for people who devoted for their company during their youth, and values their knowledge and strength.
It is also a company where every individual cooperate to enjoy the virtue of lifetime employment and pursue happiness together.

Insopack.Co.,Ltd is a R&D concentrated venture company, consists with people who have great loyalty and sense of ownership.
With these resources they are capable of developing the total package of H/W and S/W.
Also they have their own R&D institute for developing its own engineering method, so that all personals can be trained
to be an expert. Finally they are famous of having the spirit to challenge all mission and accomplish it with excellently.

Insopack. Co.,Ltd has achieved various tasks with their unique feature. Since they are a successful R&D specialized company
showing the great vision by participating in K2-tank's high speed wireless communication device developing project, Samsung Electronics'
Anycall GSM developing project, future soldier arming project, and more.
They are also capable to develop full embedded system, and will be provided the whole turn-key service.

Insopack.Co.,Ltd thanks for everyone, who have lavished credibility and encouragement.
And they are the company doing their best to show the respect for everyone.

Thank you

Head office : (39408) 302, MHK B/D, 5 Indong 20-gil, Gumi-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Republic of Korea
TEL :1544-9013 / 054-473-1231 FAX : 054-473-5231