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Future battlefield will be control by the Ad-hoc network to manage to soldiers, robots, coordinate information, audio data control
without additional base station. This Ad-hoc network is consisted with intercom, privacy handlers, information importer, etc.

        · Stimulus voice,video and data transmission
        · Multicasting full-duplex communication
        · Less transmission delay
        · Self-configuration without base-station
        · Voice codec : ITU-T G.729
        · Video codec : MPEG4-AVC (H.264)
        · Real time self-diagnosis and alarm supported
        · User-friendly design in the form of a rifle grip
          (Wireless input device)
        · Digital compass
        · Voice recognition
        · External battery interface supported
        · Speakerphone and headset supported
        · Frequency range : 4xx,24xx MHz dual band

   [RF]             [DPU]             [WID]

        · Special-purpose radio for military industrial, logistics, etc
        · Multi-purpose communication for voice, video  and data services
        · GPS, GIS application system
        · Integrated control system

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