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Wireless communication device such as general mobile phone or TRS relay function requires a base station. But ACRO-M provides
full duplex communication, motion picture transmission, text message transmission service without setting a base station.
Also with its relay function, it can increase the communication range to utilize in factory, ship yard, tunnel, etc.

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· 3 times longer communication distance (Auto Rely System)
· Simultaneously transmits voice, image and text information
· Supports two-way communication
· High Security Digital Radio
· Customized order is acceptable
· High-quality photo shoot
· Color TFT-LCD Display
· GPS/GIS Support (Optional)
· Alarm, Recording, Vibration

      ACRO-M _ wireless intercom system

· Desert· Military
· Long tunnel· Police officers
· Subway· Firemen
· Mountain area· Security guards
· Builders· Spacious industrial field

Daejeon Office : (34129) Gajeong-dong, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, Korea 218,708 ho (Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute, Gajeong-dong)
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Suwon Office : (16681) 101/508, Digital Empire 2, 486 Sin-dong, Yeongtonh, Suwon-si, Gyronggi-do, Korea
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