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Wireless communication device such as general mobile phone or TRS relay function requires a base station. But ACRO-M provides
full duplex communication, motion picture transmission, text message transmission service without setting a base station.
Also with its relay function, it can increase the communication range. In addition, two-units can have real-time communication without
using hands. And can be utilized in sports field, family restraint, banquet hall, etc.

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· Small sized slim and light radio
· All radios are able to communication by full-duplex method
· 10km range by ad-hoc system
· Max 15 radio can communicate at the same time
· High energy efficient (12 hours of operation-When it is fully charged)
· Able to communicate without pressing the PTT Key
· High level security by using the security code (AES-128bit)
· 2.4Ghz ISM band, able to operate world wide
· Using universal charger (Micro USB 5pin)

wireless communication device

wireless communication device

· Size : 80(H)x50(W)x18.5(D)(mm) Providing headset for more activeness and more efficiency
· Weight : 80(g)

[ACRO-S in your hand] [Wearing the headset] [ACRO-S with armband] [ACRO-S with Helmet]

[Long tunnel] [Sports] [Theater&Broadcast] [Leisure] [Large Industrial Sites]

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