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Model : HRS

K2 tank's radio set (HRSK) shares the real-time information including threats and location. Also this system provides audio
communication between crews and outer units.

digital high speed radio system

· Digital High speed radio system for K2 tank's (Mobile Ad-hoc Network)
· Relay data transmission
· Simultaneously transmits voice, image and text information
· Multicasting full-duplex communication system
· Frequency hopping system
· Data link error control system : FCC (Forward Reeor Correction)
· Option to select RF output power (Off, Low, Medium, High)
· Voic codec : ITU-T G.729
· Both speakerphoneheadset are supported
· Environmental specification : MIL-STD-461E

· Military : tank, mortar, self-propelled artillery, armored car,
ammunition car, frigate, destroyer, etc.
· Multi-purpose communication for voice and data services

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