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Wireless Two-way Radio Headset

· World First ANC Headset Combined Radio
· Full Duplex and Hands Free(No push-To-Talk (PTT) Button) Commnunication
· 3 Times The Communication Distance(Automatic Repeater Function)
· Noise Cancellation Feature(Smooth Sound In Noisy Environments)
· Hearing Protection To Block Out Loud Sounds
· Ability To Turn On and Off Active Noise Cancelling(ANC) Function
   - ANC Function Turned On : Ability To Block of Sound In Noisy Situations
   - ANC Function Turned Off : Can Hear Voices, Only Loud Noises are
      Blocked Out
· High Level Encryption Algorithm(AES-256) Applied
· Designed for Helmet Friendly
· Water and Dust Proof : IP54

· Flight Training for Air Forces, as well as Operations for
  Mechanized and Artillery Units
· Loud Workshops and In Noisy Environments, Such As Construction Site

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