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Compact digital radio for simultaneous two-way calls between multiple parties

· Real-time two-way communication(Full Duplex Comm.) without PTT(Push to Talk)key operation
· Two-way communication between each member of Group(Max. 6 people) can have continuous conversation(Conference Call)
· Multi-party bidirectional continuous conversation
· Intenna type makes it easy to carry around
· Auto-relay function(Ad-hoc Comm. Technology) extends the origianl communication distance up to twice(Optional)
· Able to pair with commercial Bluetooth wireless headset and Wireless PTT(Push To Talk)key divice(Optional)
· Supports ambient noise cancellation function so that calls can be made even in noisy environment
· Continuous call for more than 12 hours
· Applied AES-256 Security Algorithm
· Screen brightness control through users modification(5 Level)
· Possible situational awareness through vibration alert (headset separation alert, low battery alert, Power On/OFF alert)
· Weight : 90 g
· Dimension : 55 * 20 * 90 mm

· Sports Referee for Soccer, Volleyball, and etc.
· Two-communication(Full Duplex Comm.) for Consturction site, Filming location

Head office : (39408) 302, MHK B/D, 5 Indong 20-gil, Gumi-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Republic of Korea
TEL :1544-9013 / 054-473-1231 FAX : 054-473-5231